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Inspiring India


Vibrant and lively, India offers visitors a riot of colours, flavours, sights and sounds not for the faint of heart. India is a vast and diverse country with rugged peaks to the north and sun kissed seas in the south. Culture is everywhere as India is home to the world’s second largest population. The landscapes, people, and traditions mix for an exciting adventure, with enough tourist infrastructure to make exploring possible. The country’s terrain is dramatic and ever changing with abundant natural and manmade beauties. Modern mega-cities bustle with people while green jungles and forests teem with wildlife. Everything is connected through India’s deep spirituality, expressed in the multitude of sacred sites, rituals and festivals. A long and sometimes tumultuous history is complimented by country’s momentum to move forward into the future. With an outstanding culinary heritage and people as sweet as the local tropical fruits, India offers a flavourful journey like no other.

Responsible Travel Experiences
Lead the Way: A sensory experience trekking through the tea and coffee plantations of India
Join Guide Dogs Victoria on a multi-sensory tour through the plantations of India and make a life-changing difference to someone living with low vision or blindness.
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Art of Espresso: Sustainable Coffee Tour India
Travel through India’s iconic south in support of sustainable coffee harvesting as you explore the region’s unique heritage, rich natural landscape, deep agricultural legacy and caring local communities.
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Eternal India: Ancient Traditions and Yoga Practice
Practice the ancient art of yoga and experience North India’s most vibrant and holy sights as you travel through the country’s spiritual heartlands.
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Inspiring India: Community Connections and Nature Walks
Connect to the heart of India’s rural life with gentle walks and welcoming village homestays, as you see the remote sights of this vibrant country from the ground up.
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