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MS Conditions of Fundraising 2022 tours

MS Charity Challenge Conditions of Fundraising


Thank you for fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis Limited. These terms and conditions are designed to support you in fundraising for MS.

Registering your MS Fundraising Activity
Before you start, you must register your fundraising activity or event with MS and agree to these terms and conditions. Once registered, you will receive an Authority to Fundraise, required by law for anyone wishing to raise money for a charitable organisation. Your Authority to Fundraise letter will authorise you to raise money for MS until a specified date.

You must plan your fundraising event or activity with the approval of MS, providing a reasonable level of liaison and information about the event or activity. Any changes made from the original details provided must be reported to MS and may result in a new Authority being issued or withdrawal of the Authority.

You must comply with all applicable Fundraising Acts, other laws, regulations and by-laws, obtain any required permits and comply with any other conditions which we may notify you.

In conducting your event or activity you agree to refrain from doing anything which may reasonably be expected to damage the goodwill, reputation or integrity of MS.

Door-to-door appeals, street collections or telephone solicitation of any kind in connection with your fundraising activity is not permitted.

The event, including all financial aspects, fundraising, raffles, record keeping and management, will be conducted in your name and is your sole responsibility.

Parental Consent
Any person under the age of 18 must be appropriately supervised by an adult. MS may request permission from a parent or guardian before any child under the age of 18 begins their fundraising activity.

Expenses and Record Keeping
You must retain accurate, true and appropriate records in relation to particulars of all donations and income received, particulars of all expenditure incurred and all transactions in relation to your fundraiser.

MS cannot pay your expenses, but you can deduct fair and reasonable expenses from the proceeds of your event or activity. Expenses should not exceed 40% of funds raised. You must not retain any part of the profit or receive any other benefit from the fundraising activity.

Tax deductible receipts can be issued for all donations of $2.00 or more received from an individual or organisation.

Tax deductible receipts cannot be issued when the supporter has received goods or services in return for money given (e.g. raffle tickets, auction prizes, event tickets, a lump sum in a cash collection box, or purchase of fundraising items such as chocolate or bake sale items).

MS will provide a digital MS Donations Register with your Authority to Fundraise which should be used to record all cash and cheque donations received in connection with your fundraiser. This must be returned to MS within 14 days of completion of your fundraising activity and MS will issue receipts to the listed donors once funds have been received by MS.

Some activities require permits, such as raffles where the total prize pool is over a certain amount. Permits are also required by councils and shopping centres for outdoor events. You are responsible for obtaining any permits required. You can visit and search under ‘Gaming and Racing’ for a full list of local gaming authorities in your state.

Event Promotion
Tools to promote your event or activity are available to download from the Do It For MS website. If you are producing your own promotional materials, these must be submitted to MS for approval.

Promotion of your event or activity must clearly disclose that the event is being conducted in support of MS. Recommended wording would be ‘this event proudly supports Multiple Sclerosis Limited’ or ‘funds raised will support people living with multiple sclerosis’.

The MS logo and Do It For MS logo are the sole property of Multiple Sclerosis Limited and are reserved exclusively for use by MS.

If you would like to use the ‘Proudly Supporting MS’ logo, contact our fundraising team on 1300 733 690 or reach out via 

If the media require information about MS in relation to your fundraising activity, they must contact MS directly on 1300 733 690 or via You are not authorised to speak on behalf of MS, but you may speak about your fundraising activity. Please make it clear funds are being raised in support of MS and that you do not represent MS.

By registering as an MS Community Fundraiser you agree to receive marketing and fundraising communications from MS. You can unsubscribe from communications at any time.

Your Materials, Photography or Video
By uploading any materials, photos or videos to Do It For MS you are granting MS approval to use these materials to promote MS or future fundraising activities.

All aspects of financial and public liability and public safety are the responsibility of the event organiser. As MS is not the event organiser we are unable to cover any liability on your behalf. Therefore, please ensure that any space or venue used for your fundraising activity or event has the required public liability insurance.

Limitation of Liability
To the maximum extent permitted by law all conditions, warranties, guarantees, rights, remedies, liabilities or other terms that impose any liability or obligation on MS are excluded.

MS will not be liable to you or to any other person in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any loss, damages, costs and expenses suffered or incurred by you or any other person in connection with your fundraising event or activity.

If you have any queries, we’re here to help. Contact the MS Community Fundraising Team on 1300 733 690 or reach out via 

Thank you for your support. The funds you raise will ensure no one has to face MS alone.

By adhering to  this Conditions of Fundraising form, you are agreeing to commit to raising the minimum amount of $2,500 prior too departing for your charity challenge.