Employee Engagement Experiences: 

designed to shift and shape culture to support new ways of working.

Educate and Incentivise 

Highly sought after corporations place the value of their employees at the top of the pyramid. Are you on the hunt for well thought out staff incentive schemes focusing on reward and retention? 

Do you endeavour to find unique ways in which to attract and retain highly sought after top talent?

Are you currently working through your company’s Reconciliation Action Plan and looking to meet the various goals and KPIs?

Leadership development. Mental health & wellbeing

Is the health and wellbeing of your employees a priority for your organisation?

Are you looking for unique and fresh ways to revitalise and re-inspire your most valued assets? Meet and exceed your corporations objectives and be the most highly sought after employer by putting employee mentalhealth and wellbeing as a company priority. With an experience beyond the boardroom focusing on leadership development will re-invigorate your c-suite team.

Our Key benefits



Employees’ core expectations about work are changing, many prioritise a ‘values led’ organisation. To attract, engage and retain top talent, it is critical to ensure your Employee Value Proposition reflects our changing world.


Meet CSR and RAP objectives

Cultural diversity and inclusion initiatives should be on the strategic business agenda for all forward thinking organisations. Through our tailored cultural learning programs your employees will have built cultural intelligence for internal and external success ensuring a diverse and high performing workforce.


Increase company value

Organisations that prioritise cultural awareness, and employee leadership development will enhance the company culture beyond simply engaging with staff. Organisations focusing on well-being and mental health will receive more from your employees. The professional  landscape has shifted beyond simply engaging with employees – there needs to be a strong focus on cultivating a high-performing employee experience, linking people strategies closely to business strategies. 

Discover our Employee Engagement Programs

Cultural Immersion Experiences

Gain a deeper respect and connection with the culture and country whilst hiking through the captivating Australian wilderness. Engage and bear witness to the Australian indigenous culture, traditional land owners and explore local communities all whilst learning more about the history of Australia.

These experiences will contribute to the sustainable development of mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, engaging staff and stakeholders in reconciliation.

Philanthropic Team Challenges

Engage your team in a Philanthropic Team Challenge that will see them gain personally from an experience, and give back to charity at the same time.

Through a cross-pollination of philanthropy and personal endurance, your employees will take on a life-changing adventure, whilst encountering the great outdoors and fundraising for a good cause. We will liaise with a charity of your choice to set up the adventure.

About soulful concepts 

Since 2015, we have provided seamless hand-crafted travel experiences for charities and organisations. We specialise in charity challenges, cultural immersion tours and bespoke travel experiences.

As an industry-accredited travel agency, we ensure each of our experiences has a positive impact on an important cause. With a focus on culture, community development, conservation and personal well-being, we promote educational experiences, as a way to empower travellers to engage with both national and global issues while supporting the local economy.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Tania Patti
Fundraising Manager, Oxfam Australia

"Partnering with Soulful Concepts as our travel service provider made a significant change to the way our travel challenges were able to run. They work with passion, diligence, detail and professionalism across all elements of our trips; from advising on itinerary planning and marketing, all the way through to their personalised communications and fundraising support for our extremely valuable supporters. We have very much felt like we are working as a team with

Kristen, Amanda and their staff and entrust these very important events and supporters to them.’’ 

Bianca DiFede -
Fundraising Manager, MS Plus

"I’ve loved working with Soulful Concepts, both as the Charity Manager, but also as a participant and seeing the incredible experience they provide to all participants right from the moment they first enquire about the trip, through their training and fundraising journey to the actual travel experience.’’

Heidi Nash-Smith
- Partner, Wotton Kearney Lawyers

“It has been wonderful to work with the Soulful Concepts team to develop a fundraising challenge for our charity partner. They have taken our vision and made it a reality! Their support – and flexibility - has been invaluable as we’ve adjusted plans because of travel restrictions and border closures. Soulful Concepts have also been able to provide expert guidance to our trekkers on fundraising – keeping everyone motivated to meet their fundraising target!”

how it works and what you get

For $525 per employee Soulful Concepts will manage your Employee Engagement Experience. This is in addition to the travel costs which vary depending on the experience you choose.

  •  - Assistance in booking flights
  •  - Assistance in booking a group travel insurance policy
  •  - Tour operations
  •  - Risk management
  •  - Guidance for travelling with COVID
  •  - Pre-departure conference call
  •  - Secure online booking system
  •  - Professionally written and designed information brochure
  •  - Hosted tour page on the Soulful Concepts website
  •  - Relationship management with the charity
  •  - A dedicated Fundraising Coordinator
  •  - Customised fundraising platform on
  •  - Catalyser, branded for your company
  •  - Company matching facilitation
  •  - Donor tax receipts and support desk
  •  - Donation disbursement and reconciliation
  •  - A tailor-made fundraising plan and resources
  •  - Three scheduled one-on-one fundraising check-ins
  •  - Concept development
  •  - Itinerary design
  •  - Logistical management

  • *Subject to additional costs

Responsible, Sustainable, Ethical Travel:

We provide responsible, sustainable and ethical travel, carefully created to positively impact the local socioeconomic environments in each destination visited. We are committed to responsible tourism. We are proactively engaged in the movement towards fully responsible travel and committed to minimising the environmental impact of travel. We aim to constantly improve practice through our own self-awareness and by following the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) guide.

What Makes Us Different

Our small and nimble team offers unique experiences and a value lead service, whereby your goals become our goals and together we achieve great success.

Our Cultural Immersion Experiences
  1. Combine the scenic mountains of Morton National Park and celebrate the resilience and strength of the Yuin Nation when you meet respected Elders for a Welcome to Country, cultural discussions and hands-on workshops. 

Our values
  1. We are a values lead organisation. We place the importance of our teams health well being, development and cultural awareness at the top of our priority list. Philanthropy is the very heart of everything we do. Big or small, every experience with us will include a donation to a local or internal community and we give back 1% to carbon projects. All of this of course, along with the importance we place on responsible, sustainable and ethical tourism!

Employee Giving Software
  1. Through our partnership with Catalyser we offer free access to their online fundraising page, allowing for convenience and ease of fundraising online. 

Some of our most popular experiences

Discover the world and travel with purpose! 

Cradle Mountain

Experience the rare beauty and diversity of Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area as we traverse sections of the iconic Overland Track.

From: $2,988 per person

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kokoda track 

Spend seven days trailing through the jungle, discussing the past tragedies with your teammates and wondering what it might have  been like for our troops. 

From: $4,345 per person

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When you travel with us 1% of your travel costs go towards projects that remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. Partnering with Stripe and Frontier Climate; an advanced market commitment (AMC) that aims to accelerate the development of carbon removal technologies by guaranteeing future demand for them.