The Climate Council's Conditions of Fundraising - Soulful Concepts
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The Climate Council’s Conditions of Fundraising

Conditions of Fundraising – Trek the Southern Alps for Climate Action


Please note as you are collecting money on behalf of the Climate Council, it is required that you read, understand and adhere to this agreement.

Once you have registered and adhered to conditions of fundraising at time of booking, you will be issued with an Authority to Fundraise. Laws relating to fundraising activities in Australia, differ from State to State, so it is important you follow these conditions.

  1. Travellers are not able to start fundraising until they have received an Authority to Fundraise from the Climate Council.
  2. Fundraisers must be 18 years old or over or accompanied by a parent/guardian if under 18 years of age. Parents/guardians must complete the booking form and adhere to Conditions of Fundraising.
  3. Travellers must send detailed information about their fundraising activities to the the Climate Council and Soulful Concepts, including the dates, type of activity, names of their fundraising support team, venue and organisations that are to be involved. the Climate Council will then approve activities for fundraising. If any of the information changes after approval, updated information must be provided to the Climate Council. 
  4. Fundraisers must keep records of how much they spend on an event, how much was raised and given to the Climate Council or used for travel expenses. This information must be kept and presented to Soulful Concepts when submitting fundraising monies. All proceeds from any fundraising event must go directly to the Climate Council.
  5. Fundraisers can only use the name of the Climate Council too fundraise in relation to the Climate Council’s Southern Alps Trek for Climate Action. Soulful Concepts and the Climate Council will offer guidance on fundraising activities but it remains the responsibility of the individual fundraiser to ensure they comply with relevant State based legislation.
  6. The Climate Council has tax deductibility status for donations of $2 or more, therefore a tax deductible receipt will be issued by the Climate Council to each of your supporters that donate directly to the Climate Council. Any donors that require a tax deductible receipt should either donate to your online page or directly into the the Climate Council’s bank account. If payment is made directly to the Climate Council’s bank account, you must provide the Climate Council with the full name, address and phone number of your supporters and email these details to the the Climate Council in an Excel format.
  7. A tax deductible receipt will NOT be issued to supporters whose donation goes towards your tour costs. This portion of your fundraising is not regarded as tax deductible.
  8. The Tax Act does not allow the Climate Council to issue a tax deductible receipt to anyone that has received anything at all in return for their donation e.g. if you organise an event such as a golf day, movie night, clothes swap party etc and supporters pay an entry fee this is not tax deductible as they have received entry into the event. If you are unsure about this Soulful Concepts or the Climate Council will provide guidance. 
  9. All media relations will need to be approved by the Climate Council. Please speak to the Climate Council prior to contacting any media outlets. In addition any written material that describes the work and role of the Climate Council must be approved before it is circulated
  10. Money can NOT be returned to supporters if a Fundraiser withdraws from a challenge. Supporters must agree on this before donating. 
  11. Fundraisers must check State based legislation regarding raffles as there are extensive guidelines regarding this type of fundraising activity. 
  12.  State legislation prevents fundraisers from collecting money door-to-door or in public places such as shopping centres unless prior permission is granted.  
  13.  Fundraisers will not be covered by the Climate Council’s public liability policy under any circumstances. Any fundraising activities conducted by fundraisers will be undertaken at their own risk. 
  14. Refer to your Online Fundraising Page and  Fundraising Payment Details in the welcome pack for details on how to transfer the fundraising money to the Climate Council.
  15. Soulful Concepts will not invoice the final travel balance of your tour until the Climate Council has confirmed fundraising payment has been made. 


By adhering to this Conditions of Fundraising form at time of booking, you are agreeing to commit to raising the minimum amount of $3,500 prior too departing for your charity challenge.