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Indonesia – content page

Expansive Indonesia


An incredible island nation, Indonesia covers over 17,000 different islands for a dramatic variety of sights, sounds and flavours. Sitting between Asia and Australia the archipelago is spread over 5200 km and is home to some of Asia’s largest areas of wilderness and wildlife sanctuaries. There are incredible opportunities to become one with nature by experiencing the country’s unique plant and animal life. Orangutans, sun bears, elephants, tigers, rhinos, leopards and Komodo dragons are just some of the unique creatures that inhabit the Indonesian islands. Across the country volcanic peaks provide the backdrop to green jungles and terraced rice fields. Calm blue waters teeming with life meet white sand beaches and breezy coconut trees. The incredible landscapes are as diverse as the people who live in them. Developed and luxurious in parts, remote and unexplored in others, there is plenty for everyone. Generally there is good tourist infrastructure to many outstanding sites and relatively low costs that make this an easy place to travel no matter your interests. There is the modern mega-city of Jakarta, the ancient grace of the Borobudur structures, up-close encounters with Sumatran wildlife and miles of idyllic coastline and beaches. As the world’s fourth most populated country it is hard to really experience Indonesia without connecting to its friendly and varied people. United in diversity, Indonesia’s deep and rich cultures have developed over time, welcoming visitors to this incredible land of fire!

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