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4 Ways to Make your Coffee Healthier

Do you drink coffee? Many people will answer this question by telling you that sometimes they only get up extra early in order to drink that first cup of morning coffee and that their day only starts once they have had that first dose of caffeine. But drinking coffee doesn’t have to be only a private ritual; drinking coffee, especially in company, is considered a tradition in some cultures. Whether it’s having a casual cup while catching up with a friend or neighbour; a morning coffee with our significant other; an afternoon get together over a cup with the family; or actually taking an educational holiday like a sustainable coffee tour with your friends or family, we can say that coffee brings people together. But are you drinking your coffee properly? Here is a list of ideas for all you coffee lovers on how you can make your favourite beverage even healthier:


1. Make coffee your good friend


In order to enjoy your coffee as much as possible, it’s important to know how and when to drink it. It is not recommended to drink it on an empty stomach because it increases acidity which can lead to problems with heartburn and indigestion. It’s also not a good idea to consume caffeine in the evening because it is quite possible it will disturb your sleep. If you do enjoy having a cup at your home, it is also important to properly store it. You really want to use the best coffee beans possible, so storing your coffee in an airtight container away from direct sunlight or heat is a must. This will keep the air, heat, light and moisture out and help maintain the quality of your coffee


2. Add some cinnamon or cocoa to your coffee


If you want to add some flavour to your coffee why not try a dash of cinnamon or cocoa, it’s surprisingly good. But these two spices don’t only add a twist to your favourite beverage, both are very healthy too. While cocoa is full of antioxidants and it can reduce the risk of heart disease, cinnamon has even more health benefits. It is very healthy because it can lower blood glucose, cholesterol levels and triglycerides in diabetics, it is full of vitamins and nutrients, it boosts your energy levels and it is also good for your heart.


3. Avoid adding sugar to your coffee


Even though a lot of people who look after their health avoid consuming sugar, many tend to put sugar to their coffee relying on the fact they only put a small amount in the drink. However, refined sugar, even in small amounts, is not good for the body, especially if the person has stomach problems or liver problems. If you do need a sweetener, try adding organic brown sugar produced from sugarcane or try low-glycemic sugar substitute, like coconut sugar, or you could also try stevia. But if you really want to enjoy the full flavour of your coffee, it is highly recommended you drink it without any sweeteners.


4. Why drink organic coffee?


If you think about it, if you have healthy soil, you have a healthy plant, and if you consume that healthy plant, you get a healthy body. Organic coffee means higher quality, flavourful coffee rich with antioxidants. Also, by drinking organic coffee, you will avoid getting various chemicals and toxins into your body. But you drinking organic coffee is not only beneficial for your body. By consuming organic products you are promoting organic production, and you are in some way, no matter how small, taking care of the soil and the environment, and even more, the people who are working on that soil. So there, coffee really does bring people together.

So the next time you’re drinking your cup of coffee, think about these recommendations. By adding a little change to your favourite habit you will boost your health and you will also add some more enjoyment to your life, and will all need that.


Article by Guest Blogger: Angela Berry, Ripped Me.

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