Why you Should Start your Day with Meditation
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Why Should You Start Your Day with Meditation?

Starting your day with meditation can be a routine that will change how you feel about yourself and

about the world in general. Meditating, especially the part of slowing down and controlling your mind,

can be quite a challenge. However, you must be patient and persistent during the process. If you think

you could never do it, here are some benefits of meditating to motivate you.


Meditation makes you younger


It’s a well known fact that meditation slows down the process of ageing. Take a good look at people who

regularly meditate and notice how young their faces seem. Look at their perfect smiles. Do they have

wrinkles? Maybe you’ve never noticed, but people who meditate or practice yoga look much younger.

They look fresher and livelier than their peers. So, if you want to look younger without plastic surgery,

meditation might just be the answer you’re looking for.

Meditation boosts your metabolism


Meditation through yoga improves bowel functions, especially in people with frequent constipation.

Also, one thing is for sure, meditation lowers the stress levels. A large number of experts and scientists

claim that stress induces false sense of hunger causing you to eat more. As you reduce stress, you will

also eat less and thus be fitter than ever before.

Create your own meditation nook


Before you start practicing meditation or yoga, it’s advisable that you visit a professional studio. Your

instructor will teach you how to properly move, breathe and enjoy the moment. It won’t take that much

time, it’s quite easy, especially if you are really motivated to learn and become good. After that, you can

start meditating at home, in your backyard or any other place you find soothing. Make your little

meditation corner, and decorate it to your liking. Use colours that soothe you, and shapes that are easy

on the eyes. Make it unique and true to who you are. Enjoy every second in your meditation nook.

Maybe even consult the basic postulates of Feng Shui. You’ll you see how little it takes to be happy and

at peace.

Breathe healthy and stress-free


Stress is never good for anything. Think about it, look around! Stress causes many problems such as

stomach pain, headaches, constipation, painful menstruation, increased or decreased appetite, heart

problems and other health complications. Do you really want to lead such a life? Why not simply learn

how to avoid stress, live happier and healthier. So, take slow and deep breaths.


Live a pain-free life


Research shows that at the end of meditation people feel 44% less pain that when they started the

session. Scientists tested both physical and emotional pain equally. Meditation pushes you to sit

straight, take deep breaths, pump your body full of fresh oxygen, and all that is beneficial for your body

and mind.


Better dreams, better mornings


If you have problems falling asleep, you wake up often during the night, you go to bed late and have

trouble waking up, meditation can be the perfect cure for that. Many people have a habit of hitting the

snooze button in the morning to get some extra sleep, or checking their emails. My habit every morning

is drinking a hot cup of coffee from my favorite Wedgwood mug, and enjoying the silence. I figure that’s

a better start of a glorious day than checking your Facebook or other social media accoutnts.

When you go back to sleep after your alarm goes off, you usually end up feeling even sleepier then

when you first opened you eyes. Also, if you check your phone just as you wake up, you immediately

start thinking about your obligations, and there goes your morning. A morning meditation session can

help you be more focused, optimistic and content during the day. Reserve 15 minutes in the morning for

your meditation and your whole day will start on the right note.


Now that you know all the benefits of meditation, you can try practicing it first thing in the morning. You

will soon see how much better and more beautiful life really is. Meditation and yoga will certainly help

you feel more relaxed, healthier and happier. Give it a try.


Article By: Angela Berry

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