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5 Destinations to Relax and Unwind

It is an amazing feeling to embark on a journey that allows you to discover that travel has unlimited potential to awaken your individual sense of self and alter your perceptions of the world. Travel is more than the seeing of sights. It is a transformation that occurs, deep and perpetual within the ideals of life.

For hundreds of thousands of years humanity continues to ask the simple questions. How can we achieve a life rich in health and wellness? How can we find ourselves? It may seem far-fetched, but we believe we may just have the answer.

Here at Soulful Concepts, we have mindfully selected our Top 5 Places to Relax and Unwind. Destinations abundant with vibrant culture and history yet are peaceful retreats where you can find solace amongst the lavish landscapes. Centred around yoga and meditation, you will be immediately connected to both your inner self and blissful surroundings, ultimately obtaining fulfilment through unique travel experiences. Coupled with this, genuine sustainable travel has the power to initiate positive changes within communities, hence why sustainability is at the core of your journey of self-discovery, through the creation of mutually beneficial relationships. Sound like exactly what you’ve been searching for…? We thought so!


Luang Prabang, Laos

The first destination on our exclusive list is the exquisite UNESCO World Heritage Site Luang Prabang. Situated in northern Laos, this quaint town is gently encircled by mountainous terrain, nestled between the Nham Khan and Mekong Rivers. Be inspired by the Buddhist monasteries and intricate traditions carried out by monks, as you find yourself transported into a meditative state of serenity and relaxation. Explore cascading waterfalls and scaling peaks as pockets of pristine nature cleanse the soul and rejuvenate your thirst for adventure. Open your mind to an experience in this awe-inspiring destination, and we guarantee your heart will leave full.


Ubud, Bali

Whether you are a long time lover of yoga, or new to this spiritual art form, it is an undeniable fact that the connection you feel to the natural world is profound. So what better place to explore this innate connection than within the magical surroundings of
Ubud. Located within the cool mountains of Bali, Indonesia, this traditional country town is in many ways, considered the cultural heart of Bali. Find transcendent solace by practicing amongst the lush green landscape, as you experience the delicate culture and heritage of this striking volcanic island. As Southeast Asia’s only Hindu society, this journey is truly unique as strict distinctions between cultures are blurred, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this philanthropic space.


Riskikesh, India

Another adventure of self-discovery and spiritual connectivity through physical art awaits within the forested hills of
Rishikesh, India. Styling itself as the yoga capital of the world, the colourful Indian festivals, sights and sounds are contrasted with masses of ashrams and all of the yoga and meditation classes you desire. Expand your mind as an almost mystical breeze blows down the valley, setting traditional temple bells ringing for the evening. You will be in both awe and appreciation of the vastness and diversity of the earth, which YOU are an essential and special part of.


Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

If rugged rainforests, white sand beaches and coral reefs sound like your ideal relaxation destination, look no further than
Manuel Antonio. Situated within Costa Rica’s central pacific coast this breath taking national park is renowned for its assortment of tropical plants and wildlife. Your connection to the wonders of the natural world will undoubtedly be strengthened as you unknowingly become immersed in all the park has to offer, as sometimes the best way to find yourself is to stop trying and simply lose yourself in the world. Test your renewed sense of adventure and embark on a voyage of self-discovery by kayaking and snorkelling in the magnificent beaches. Let the remarkable efforts of sustainability exhibited in this exquisite, untouched location, be reflected through the inner health and wellness you will gain from this experience.


Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Finally, the Limestone Pools in
Semuc Champey, Guatemala will restore your faith in the pure beauty the natural world possesses. This secluded paradise, is Central America’s hidden gem. Nestled within the dense rainforest the surface of these turquoise waters combined with the texture of the limestone bridges glisten with an unworldly power you must see to believe. Stimulate your side of adventure as you swim and explore through the various limestone caves. Try to emulate the calmness you see in the vista within your own life, and take the time out to meditate, as exhibiting such signs of mindfulness in such a breath-taking location can be truly cleansing for the soul.


So for those of you seeking fulfilment and a life rich in health and wellness, it is by travel and gaining new empowering experiences that this can become a reality, and your sense of self can be renewed. Whether through yoga, nature or meditation, connections can be established and relationships built. Despite language and cultural barriers, we all essentially want the same thing and there is nothing like exploring the paths of history, to awaken our spiritual side and cause us to not only understand the world, but truly understand ourselves.

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