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Summit for School for Life

Ever wondered what it’s like to stand on top of the world?

We have partnered with School for Life creating a once in a lifetime opportunity to summit Mt Kilimanjaro; the world’s highest freestanding mountain, and all for an incredible cause!

Join us on an amazing immersion experience in Tanzania, as we climb through Kilimanjaro’s dynamic scenery. We will be trekking through five different climatic zones, from lush rainforests and farmlands to lunar-like landscapes and alpine meadows. This will push you both physically and mentally, however you will be swept away as we watch the sunrise across the continent from the snow-capped peak of Africa.

Your hard work and fundraising efforts will be used to raise funds and awareness towards the education crisis in Uganda. This trip will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, however your strength and compassion will be welcomed with warmth and enthusiasm by the rural Ugandan locals, driving a positive force throughout the community.

At the end of your trip, you also have the opportunity to witness the huge difference you are making in the local Ugandan community. Alongside School for Life’s CEO and Founding Director Annabelle Chauncy, you will be able to experience the rural way of life at the schools, where your hard efforts are having a life-changing impact.

What is the education crisis in Uganda?

    • Uganda has the world’s youngest population – 50% of the population is younger than 14 years old. That means that there are 19 million children in Uganda. To put this in perspective; Australia’s population currently stands at 24 million.
    • Only 33% of children who start primary school in Uganda actually complete their primary education. This makes one of the lowest ‘primary survival rates’ in East Africa, compared with the completion rate of 84% in Kenya, and 81% in Rwanda.
    • The average classroom has an average ratio of 1 teacher to 54 students, however some government run schools have just 1 teacher to 100 students. Furthermore, classrooms are usually mud huts, with no basic amenities or learning materials.
    • Many children who do arrive at school are malnourished and have not been fed.


How does your participation make a difference?


Your involvement can help break the poverty cycle in Uganda. When a teenage girl is educated, you are not just benefiting her, but also her whole community. An educated girl has the power to marry later, have fewer children, earn higher wages and therefore support a healthier and more prosperous family. Education is the most powerful tool you can provide a young woman, and your fundraising will support two girls through high school.

While you engage in this life changing experience; you are also helping School For Life ensure that children arrive at school healthy; with access to 3 meals a day, healthcare and clean water.  These small changes to the children’s lifestyle empower them to follow through their education, through primary and secondary schooling, vocational training and employment. A small effort goes a long way and your efforts will help break the poverty cycle.

Why visit Uganda?

Uganda lies in the heart of East Africa. Despite being a land-locked country, it is home to a beautiful diversity of landscapes. From the snow-capped peaks to dry bush lands, abundant water of the Nile basin and the immerse shores of Lake Victoria; the world’s largest lake. The large diversity of landscapes also gives rise to a large diversity in flora and fauna – with plenty of wildlife to get up close with including elephants, lions, giraffes, gorillas, leopards, crocodiles and hippo’s! Witness an array of environments, from Uganda’s capital city Kampala which is progressing gracefully into the future, whilst the rural villages still maintain a peaceful, traditional way of life.

For more information about this inspiring and life-changing adventure, click here!

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