How to Embrace Nature in your Home
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How to Embrace Nature in Your Home

Environmental issues are getting more and more attention every year and people are becoming aware of the major problems that surround us. For many, nature is a great source of inspiration and we need to use it in every aspect of our life, including our home. Embracing nature and incorporating it into our private space can be beneficial for everyone and preserving our surrounding needs to become a major part of our way of life. There’s no need to be afraid of a sustainable way of living, and people just need to learn more about it in order to see all the benefits of it.


Start with the basics


If you’re not used to changes, you need to start with a couple of small adjustments and simple things – adding greenery into your living room, for instance, can be the right choice for you. A splash of green will make you want to add more and more, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself trying to fit just one more plant into your green room. Sometimes we tend to clutter our space with all sort of unnecessary decorations when we can use nature instead, so if you find an interesting pot, add some green plants and spread them throughout the room. On the other hand, one colored pot with some bright flowers can lighten up every room and fit perfectly into any room design. Just be careful and investigate everything about plants you want to place into your home, since not every kind is good for your health and my not survive indoors. 


Think about natural furniture


If you flick through interior design magazines, you’re going to notice that every photo includes a piece of furniture made from natural elements. Everything from great wooden chairs, natural jute rugs, eco-friendly fabrics and other pieces that will blend in well with the overall style you’re trying to pull off. With the constant rising of the rustic style’s popularity, reclaimed wood furniture with a rough finish is what will stand out in any room.


A surprising element


If you’re far away from simply repainting your walls, do something that will leave everyone speechless when they step into your living room. The sturdiness of a rock wall is a great addition to paying homage to natural flow and a creative way of using nature in your home.  Another great natural element you can include is stone – don’t let this frighten you – everything from a fireplace to kitchen island will look fresh and upscaled if you add stone. You can accomplish this by using stone just as a frame or have everything covered in this magnificent earthy component.


Reuse, recycle, repair


When in doubt, opt for recycled furniture and accessories because they’re made from existing materials, while new things require trees to be cut down and cause a serious damage to the environment. This eco-friendly approach to using recycled furniture, or repairing old pierces, can also add a vintage feel to your home and transform it into a modern oasis. Create a focal point with antique picture frames; just hang them on your wall to point out some of your most favourite memories. Find a new purpose to some old items you stored on your attic and, soon enough, your old doors will become an interesting coffee table, old windows a part of your kitchen cabinets and you’ll be able to create many more ideas from scratch. These projects are in the core of a truly sustainable home and implementing those into your living space can help you to break the mould of the same old home designs we all know by heart.


Learning about natural elements and how to embrace them in your home is just the first step – now you need to plan how to make a change in your own space. Sustainable practices in your interior design will not only mark you as a part of the energy-efficiency movement, but will also make you a go-to person for people who want to change their lives and make their homes more eco-friendly. Creating an eco-friendly home doesn’t mean you’ll have to limit yourself to only a handful of items, on the contrary, this just means you can include everything as long as it follows a few simple rules and brings your home closer to nature.


About the author: Emma B. Joyce is blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is interested in music and also is a big reading enthusiast. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She got hooked on home accessories and decorations during her travelling and now cannot stop searching for new inspiration

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