Travel Bucket List: The World's Best Scuba Diving Sites
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Travel Bucket List: The World’s Best Scuba Diving Sites

Still undecided where to go on your next adventure? Then perhaps you may consider going to these places mentioned below and be amazed as you witness their spectacular marine life through scuba diving.

Scuba diving is becoming one of the most popular recreational water activities in the world as confirmed by the rising numbers of enthusiasts, diving spots, and organisations selling scuba diving gears.

That said, divers still have different standards when deciding for the best spot, so here are some of the places to go scuba diving this 2018 and see for yourself as to why they are so captivating and perhaps remember some sites to list them down as your top favourites.


Blue Corner Wall in Palau, Micronesia


An upwelling indicates pelagics favour this excellent wall dive. Expect to witness barracuda, sharks, eagle rays, hump head wrasse,  jacks, snappers, and a lot more.

Being just some of the attractions, you may also want to focus your views on corals and take a closer look at mantis shrimps, nudibranchs, and morays.


The Liberty in Bali, Indonesia


This wreck is quite popular with picture-takers as it is entirely encrusted with gorgonians, anemone, and corals.

All the fishes are very gentle partly as an outcome of some guides giving them food, from the wrasse and goatfish that gnaw around your feet as well as the fins at the top of the dive, to the surgeonfish and unicorn as you swim down heading to the wreck.

There can be chances of strong currents and would need several dives to observe the entire area.

The black sands give a wonderful colour contrast to the amazing diversity of aquatic life, which includes a big school of trevally and at least 400 other kinds of fish.


Richelieu Rock in Thailand


A beautiful diving spot popular for sighting whale shark, but also excellent for large schools of pelagic fish such as jacks, batfish, and barracuda. You can also see mantas, and it is a magnificent site for photography with creatures such as harlequin shrimp, ghost pipefish, frogfish, as well as seahorses.


Darwin Island in Galapagos


With around 20 percent of the aquatic life here seen nowhere else in the world, it is apparent why you would desire to make your plan here.

Whale sharks between late June and October, sea lions, hammerhead sharks, eels, penguins, sea turtles, and marine iguanas are just some of the sightings that help make the diving experience here so unique.

However, expect strong flow with many ocean currents start moving through this area, and hardly live-aboard diving experiences make this a journey for the travellers who want an adventure revolved around scuba diving.


Night Diving in Kailua Kona, Hawaii


The underwater lights set on the seabed draw infinite numbers of plankton, which successively lure the huge, yet elegant manta rays of Hawaii. The manta rays can get so close to you that you frequently need to move to avoid them unintentionally hitting you.

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When it comes to noting the best diving sites in the world, it is highly unlikely to rank them perfectly.

Each site is unique and offers several things as well as different kinds of diving, but all are breathtaking. All of the diving spots are so good that it simply develop into a matter of judgment about which one you prefer.


Author’s Bio: Cynthia Crane is a freelance blogger who loves to travel. When available, she usually read online articles about travels to decide her next destination. At home, Cynthia writes articles about her travel to her readers who share the same interest.


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  • Chris Mulder

    Fiji is not that bad either if you are interested in shark diving.

    April 24, 2018

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