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Millennials’ Guide to Green Living – Green and Smart Technologies for a Sustainable Society of Tomorrow

Millennials have certainly left their mark on the modern society as the generation of hard-working and ambitious individuals. Although they’ve been born in the time of great economic challenges, they are characterised by their distinct entrepreneurial spirit and desire for success. The millennial generation is also described as highly eco-conscious, with more than 80 percent of millennials seeing eco-friendliness as a way to improve their lives. This intriguing generation lives in the fast-paced, technologically revolutionised present and fierce modern society where they are trying to lay the foundation for a greener future. Consequently, they’ve turned to simple, flexible lifestyles enriched by technological advancements that make their lives easier and more sustainable.


Millennials: the green generation


Living at the age of global warming, loss of natural resources and the increasing number of dumps and landfills, millennials are highly concerned about the environment, more than any other generation. Furthermore, despite their limited financial means, millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products and believe that even the slightest lifestyle changes can help them make a valuable contribution to the environment preservation. In addition, this generation also believes that turning to eco-friendly practices can enrich their lives, as well, which is why they are highly motivated to switch to sustainable living.

However, eco-friendliness is just one of the distinctive characteristics of the millennial generation. Technologically enhanced lives are the other one. Millennials have grown up in the era of technology which has become an essential part of their lives. They are turning to tech devices and appliances as a way to make their fast-paced lives easier and more functional. Consequently, these defining features of the millennial generation have brought millennial green living to another level, offering state-of-the-art smart and green technologies that can help them in their pursuit of a greener global community.


When green and smart meet


Smart, sustainable homes are a millennial dream that is on its way to becoming a reality. Owing to numerous technological advances, as well as expanding eco-consciousness, green technology is soon to become a standard in millennial homes. Focusing on energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling and the use of renewable resources, millennials are more and more implementing tech devices and appliances that can help them reduce their ecological footprint and improve their quality of life. Here are some of the top smart and green tech features that will soon find their way into millennial homes.


Certified appliances


Energy Star certification is one of the most important features that millennials look for in their appliances. They want smart, energy-efficient equipment that will meet their needs and busy schedules. As already mentioned, millennials are willing to pay more for green, quality products, so they turn to reliable brands, such as the smart and green Maytag appliances, that can fit into their modern home designs. From fridges and stoves to washing machines and dryers, every piece of millennial equipment will be eco-friendly.


Smart thermostats


As an essential device in a sustainable home, a smart thermostat will soon become one of the millennials’ favourite home features. By controlling and maintaining the home temperature at a stable level, a smart thermostat can help millennials reduce their energy consumption significantly. In addition, its smart features will enable them to control their home temperature easily and remotely from their own smartphones.


Electricity-generating fabrics


Although not yet on the market, fabric that produces electricity is expected to enjoy great popularity among millennials. This type of fabric will harness the kinetic energy produced by the human body. Thus, active millennials won’t have to worry about being on the move because one day, this is what will keep their smartphones charged.


Living buildings


Overwhelmed by their fast-paced lifestyles and business responsibilities, millennials have turned to healthy practices and habits that can promote their well-being. Furthermore, they are also trying to introduce a sense of peacefulness into their homes by turning them into soothing oases. However, soon enough, millennials will have an opportunity to live in healthy, living buildings. These properties will have living walls, roof gardens and plenty of other green features that will green up millennials’ urban lives significantly. Living buildings will have a great level of insulation owing to plants and will be able to generate their own energy, representing the ideal type of housing in the millennial future.


Solar roof tiles


Solar panels are one of the most effective green upgrades that a homeowner can install. However, a new design awaits millennials in the future – solar tiles. This type of solar installation will fit perfectly with the roof design since it has a similar look and comes in different colours, shapes and styles. Furthermore, they will also be more effective because they last longer and provide better insulation. Owing to their innovative design, solar tiles are expected to be a common feature in millennials’ future homes.


Millennials are a generation of caring, eco-conscious individuals that don’t hesitate to invest in smart and green technology that will protect the environment and improve their lives.


About the author: Faith McGregor is a writer, seeking beauty everywhere she goes and finding it in art, nature, family, work and home. Passionate about just living life to the fullest, she’s into home decor and healthy lifestyle, trying to be the best version of herself and make her surroundings match.

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