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Sustainable Fashion for Children

Children grow incredibly fast. There is no denying that. However, if you love buying sustainable and eco-friendly clothing for your kids, you might find the task of buying clothes to be expensive and difficult. Luckily, there are several clothing brands targeted for kids that have started popping up everywhere. They provide economical, ethical, and sustainable clothing for kids that will leave your budget intact and make your heart smile. Here are several brand options you might be interested in.


Ava & Luc Clothing


Not only does this brand have a cute name, but they offer adorable clothing that is fun, bright, and practical for all that children do. They sell colourful options that are unisex and cozy. Their clothes are made from certified organic cotton that comes from ethical places, and the clothing manufacturer themselves is ethical in their practices. The company sells clothing for children 0-8 years old, and even though they are based in the UK, they offer worldwide shipping for great international options as well. This means you can enjoy Ava & Luc’s clothing right here in the U.S.


Eternal Creation Clothing


With bold options and vibrant colours, this Australian based kid’s clothing company has fabulous options with fair trade. They have everything from daywear to sleepwear, and they commit to improving their ethics over time, especially since they hire people in India to work. They have a great story, and they also offer early teens clothing as well, giving them quite the unique option. They sell clothing for kids ages 0-14 years old, and they also offer worldwide shipping so anyone can enjoy the Eternal Creation clothing brand that is so unique in every way.




Childrensalon has recently launched their Childrensalon Essentials Collection, a beautiful, sustainable and 100% organic range of babywear. Find sets of bodysuits, bodyvests, leggings, hats, swaddles and more! Beautifully decorated in a mix of neutral and pastel tones and prints, suitable for baby boys and girls. Not sure of the gender yet? Select the unisex filter, to find the perfect newborn clothing gift set! The collection also stocks premature sizes.


Imps&Elfs Clothing


With such a fantasy inspired name, you would be surprised how realistic their clothing is, especially since they offer sustainable clothing for kids. They have a unique northern European flair that comes naturally since the company is based in the Netherlands. They have an ethical line that produces only the highest-quality clothing of a socially responsible type. They sell clothing to fit kids ages 1-8 years old, and since they offer worldwide shipping, you can enjoy their clothing right here in America. Imps&Elfs is known for their present-day designs that reflect what is going on in the world at the very moment. They have such a unique style that makes them stand out as well.


La queue du chat Clothing


Based in France, this clothing line is translated to “The Cat’s Tail,” making it a cute addition to your child’s wardrobe. They sell only the best French creations with clothing that is made from certified organic cotton material and produced in a fair trade chain. The brand manufacturers have created a sustainable program for their clothing that makes them ethical in many ways. They have even begun a tight bond and relationship with the producers, which are located in India. The clothing is made for children ages 1-10, and they are made with chic designs. The company is based in France, but they offer worldwide shipping for anyone in various parts of the world.


Macarons Clothing


If you want children’s couture that is made with sustainability in mind, this colourful line of exquisite clothing is ideal. They make clothes for children 0-8 years old, and they have only the highest-quality design and sustainability for you. They use certified organic cotton in each design, and they have a variety of things to choose from. The brand is located in Germany, but the company ships worldwide so you can enjoy their delightful clothing from the United States as well. They also have gorgeous craftsmanship that is sure to hold up for many years. You might just find yourself keeping these clothes for many years to come.


Nature Baby Clothing


One thing that sets this clothing brand apart from other children’s brands is the natural designs and materials used to create the clothing. Their brand motto rests in the fact that nature has already given them all the materials they need to make eco-friendly and sustainable clothing for children. Their ages are limited, however, ranging from ages 0-4. Luckily, their clothing makes up for it by offering organic clothing that is soft, stylish, and simple in design. They are based in New Zealand, but their worldwide shipping makes it ideal for getting these designs anywhere in the world. They are already looking to the future with the possibility of adding in fair trade organic cotton to their line.




Children grow fast, and buying good eco-friendly and sustainable clothing is never an easy task for a quickly growing child. The brands mentioned above are all worldwide brands, but they each have their worldwide shipping policy that makes it easy for consumers throughout the world to take advantage of their ethical clothing. Most offer from ages 0 until the age of 8, while some stop at four years old and others go all the way up to 14 years old. Either way, each brand has unique, stylish, and sustainable options that are sure to make your child’s wardrobe stand out in a good way.


About the Author: Kelsey is the editor at LuxAuthority and is trying to balance both her budget and her credit card balance. She likes to live lavish and treat herself when the opportunity allows it. She loves the newest tech, old cars and the smell of rich mahogany and leather bound books as well.


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