5 Reasons to Love Green Architecture Trends
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5 Reasons to Love Green Architecture Trends

Sustainability has been a ‘hot’ topic in recent years. Whatever industry you’re in, there are concepts that are geared towards sustainable development-among them is Green Architecture.

Also known as “sustainable architecture” or “green building”, Green Architecture refers to the theory, science and design of buildings that were built based on principles that are intended to preserve and protect the environment by reducing the extent of harm caused by emission, pollution and waste.

Over the years, green architecture trends have become prevalent. Aside from providing sustainable design approaches, the concept has also been associated with long-term benefits that put consumers on the winning end.

If at this point you’re still not convinced that green architecture trends are worth it, this article is worth a read.


5 Benefits of Green Architecture


Based on statistics, buildings contribute to 1/3 of the world energy supply and responsible for 20% of the world’s pollution. These data present the possibility of worsening the said problems by 2050.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the importance of green architecture trends. There are also underlying benefits that you have to know to fully embrace this innovation.


1. Excellent Aesthetics


Years ago, you probably have the impression that going sustainable means giving priority to function over style. But this has already changed as evidenced by today’s buildings that display undeniable edge, particularly when it comes to aesthetics.

Buildings nowadays have engaged techniques that incorporate sustainable design without sacrificing aesthetics. Methods such as the use of natural materials, repurposing existing materials, and focusing on systems have provided options that work well with the requirements of the consumers while adding green touch to structures.


2. Innovative Ideas


Along with green architecture are the innovative ideas that are constantly being brought to the table–providing opportunities for this trend to prosper and get better with time.

If you are a tech-savvy person, you’ll be impressed with the eco-friendly trends that sustain green architecture. Some examples for these are residential towers that use plants as facades to provide cooling for buildings and absorb pollution from the atmosphere. Wastewater management systems are also available to enable filtration of water and reuse it with the help of plants and microorganisms.


3. Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency is one of the top advantages that come with green architecture. Apart from an eco-friendly design structure, these buildings make use of  lighting and plumbing fixtures that ensure energy efficiency to allow minimal use of the building’s resources. There are also available green architecture technologies that make it possible for buildings to generate energy on their own.


4. Cost-Savings


Contrary to popular belief, green buildings actually allow huge reduction on costs. In a study conducted by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, it was revealed that buildings that follow eco-friendly practices consume 25% less energy and 11% less water than their conventional counterparts. In addition to that, they allow lower maintenance cost therefore reducing the utility costs per month by up to 19%.


5. Improved Quality of Life


Undeniably, one of the advantages of green architecture are the social benefits that come with this structure. Aside from the savings you’ll get by reducing overall operational costs, it also has an impact to your quality of life. With improved air and water quality available in these buildings, occupants get the benefit of clean air therefore allowing improved health and optimum comfort.

There’s no doubt that sustainability is a smart option to take. With its positive impact on the environment, cost-savings, and improved quality of life, green architecture puts the consumers on the winning end.


Author Bio:

Micah de Jesus is the SEO Director of GrowthScout SEO Services, a digital marketing firm in Quezon City that caters to the online marketing needs of clients in a range of industry, including public relations, marketing, logistics and more.

Company Bio:

Green Courier is an environmentally friendly courier service in London. Being the leading Carbon Balanced supplier in the rapid dispatch industry, the company is committed in promoting sustainable solutions for the market and is always looking for ways to reduce its impact on the environment.

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