6 Eco-Friendly Ways To Enjoy Switzerland
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6 Eco-Friendly Ways To Enjoy Switzerland

As one of the richest and most developed countries in Europe, Switzerland’s name is not always associated with trying to help the environment. However, in more recent years the hotels and tour operators of Switzerland have found some creative ways to embrace the idea. From summer Alpine tobogganing to ferry rides using only the rivers current, creativity is the name of the game. Let’s jump in and find out how you can enjoy all that Switzerland has to offer in an eco-friendly way.


Canoeing Or Kayaking On Lake Lucerne


Lake Lucerne is situated in central Switzerland, and it is one of the most visited spots in the country. It is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland and it has a very intriguing shape, with several sharp bends and arms. And of course, it is the perfect spot for an eco-friendly adventure.

The kayaking (or canoeing) adventure across the lake can last an entire day or half a day – you can choose the length you prefer. Of course there will be a guide to show you around and tell you all the mystical stories about the lake. If you opt for the day-long adventure, there will also be time for a picnic and a swim in the lake.


Summertime Tobogganing In Grindelwald


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly adrenaline rush, this is the perfect adventure for you. Even though tobogganing is traditionally a winter activity, the Swiss have found a way to transform it into a summer one. Summer Gemel is the name of the three-wheel sled that is used for this activity, and it is exclusively produced in Switzerland.

About the adrenaline part – how does racing down from the Männlichen station to the Hohlenstein for 6 kilometers sound? You maneuver the three-wheel sled with just your body weight, and of course there is a disc brake on it for your safety. And naturally you will get all the equipment so that you can’t hurt yourself – even if it’s your first time tobogganing.


Tour Of The Val Lumenzia In Surselva


If you’re in need of some spiritual and physical healing, then a sightseeing trip of the Valley of Light is just what the doctor ordered. There are many different zones of energy in this valley, both natural and artificial, and even the Research Centre for Power Spots has confirmed that. So, even if you don’t really buy into folk traditions, there is scientific proof that this eco-friendly adventure is extremely beneficial for your health.

A sightseeing trip will take you through the pristine landscapes of Val Lumenzia, where you can see various chapels, churches and villages. The main village in the area is Vella, which boasts a very rich history and tradition – the de Mont Castle is proof of it.

One of the more popular hiking trails in this region begins in Vella, and it will take you to the Davos Munts lake. There is definitely a lot of sights to check out in this region, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to go everywhere on foot since the area is pretty large. That’s what the Switzerland’s ever-present public transport is great for.


Swiss National Park In Zernez


Our list of the top eco-friendly adventures in Switzerland would not be complete without mentioning their only national park. Which is by the way also the oldest national park in central Europe. The Swiss National Park is open throughout the year, so there really isn’t a best time to visit it. It just depends on the kinds of activities you like to do. Hiking in the Spring/Summer/Autumn, and snowshoeing or ski-touring in Winter.

And because there is a road through the park that is open all year round, you can also just enjoy the stunning scenery on your way through if you like. Or, you can go wildlife spotting, as this is one of the best places to spot animals in Switzerland.

Just be aware that you can’t camp in the park. It may seem strange at first, but the Swiss are serious about protecting this area, so they like to keep people to very specific areas. And they always ask that you keep to the trails.


Wildlife Watching In The Kien Valley


The Kien Valley is a holiday resort in the Bern region. At the end of the valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Jungfrau-Aletsch. This area of the valley is pure, untouched nature full of glaciers – except for a few hiking trails and mountain huts.

But there is something more interesting to do, in a different part of the Kien Valley. If you love animals and would like to observe some wild animals in their natural habitat, you will love this eco-friendly adventure. The wildlife watching tour lasts for about half a day, and you will spend it in the Kien Valley game reserve.

There is a warden that will guide you through the reserve where you can get a rare chance to see roe deer, red deer, chamois, ibex and marmots. And if you’re in luck, you might even spot the golden eagle!  


Fondue Party On A Ferry In Basel


Basel is an amazing city and you should definitely visit it if you get the chance. And there are also plenty of eco-friendly ways to experience the city, one of which includes going to a private fondue party on the Rhine. Confused? Don’t be.

There are several passenger ferries that cross from one bank to the other of the Rhine River, which flows through the city. The best thing about them is that they are 100% eco-friendly – they are assisted only by a steel cable and the power of the river’s natural current.

On the way across you will hear stories from the local ferrymen, and get to taste some hot, delicious fondue. But the fondue is reserved for those who hire the ferry for the evening, which is actually an amazing way to spend some time if you’re travelling with friends!


The Opportunities Abound, In Switzerland


And this is only the tip of the iceberg (or perhaps I should say, glacier!) in Switzerland. This country is full of so much nature and eco-friendly things to do, you will be spoiled for choice!


Author: Roger Timbrook


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