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Lowering Your Student Carbon Footprint – One Step at a Time

Never in human history have we had bigger issues with the environment than we do now, and we can all see the effects of climate change across the Earth. Extreme weather conditions such as floods, typhoons droughts and heat waves are becoming more and more common, and these changes are not limited to a small number of regions — they affect the whole Earth. Consequently, many people and organizations would like to reduce their carbon footprint and do more to protect our environment, but they aren’t sure where to begin. You don’t have to make big changes to make a difference. Even you, as a student, can make an affordable change in your life that will make a positive impact.

So, how can you have a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle?


Take small steps


Every change starts with one person and it’s all about small steps that you can take even today. Doing a few simple things such as turning off the lights when you don’t need them, or fixing leakages in your home can make a huge difference. You can prevent littering by using reusable bags when going to the grocery store, and you can skip using straws when you go out.

Another simple and efficient way to lead an environmentally-friendly life is to take public transport or ride a bicycle when going to university. Also, instead of buying plastic bottles, you could switch to reusable water bottles and a water filter to stay hydrated.

Today’s technologies provide us with numerous ways of reducing our waste. As a student, you probably use a ton of paper during your studies, but many teachers encourage the exchange of study material and VCE notes, which can reduce paper waste. It’s an efficient way of keeping notes for revision, and it’s eco- friendly.


Eco-friendly dorm rooms


With the excitement of starting a new life away from home, students tend to buy many unnecessary things which create waste. Before purchasing anything, you should consider what your real needs are, and how much waste you can avoid generating. While furnishing your dorm room, you can add a vintage touch by purchasing second-hand furniture, which will surely make the decoration look unique. To improve indoor air quality, decorate your dorm with plants and flowers. That way your room will smell nice and fresh without toxic air fresheners.

You should invest in products that consume less energy, such as LED bulbs, and furthermore, one of the best things that you can do to your environment is to give up the air conditioning. A/Cs consume a lot of energy, so try opening a window or taking a cold shower to cool down. Another green option would be to use a microwave and a toaster instead of a cooker and to try and cook large meals for all of your roommates if you share a kitchen. That way you can have fun and reduce the usage of kitchen appliances. Also, make sure to have reusable plates and utensils. Many students prefer paper plates as they are more convenient, but they create far too much waste to be a sustainable option.


Join environmental groups and educate others


Since you’re attending university, you have excess to many different environmental groups whose purpose is to educate students about the importance of living an eco-friendly life. It’s important to share awareness about the environmental issues and invite your friends to join the struggle. The more people are included in these groups, the more we can do together to protect our planet.

In conclusion, climate changes caused by human activity are obvious and many people and organisations want to reduce pollution and help protect the environment. As you can see, going green means becoming aware of how your choices affect the environment, which means making small changes to your daily habits. When you start living on your own at university, you should start making responsible choices when it comes to protecting your environment and reducing your carbon footprint.


About the Author – Phill Anchman is a Sydney based blogger focused on travel stories and staying fit. When at home he is one man Hollywood trivia quiz, crazy about all things entertainment pinchin’ fashion tips away from TV shows and movies – especially the DC Universe villains. Genuine hell-man! He dreams of one day snowing in space so he could ski down the edge of the Sea of Tranquility screaming “cowabunga dude!”. 10/10 would definitely share the experience on his Facebook page. So better start following just in case.

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