Oberholz Mountain Hut, panorama views is a great Holiday Stay?
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What Makes Oberholz Mountain Hut A Great Holiday Stay?

  • What Makes Oberholz Mountain Hut A Great Holiday Stay?
  • What Makes Oberholz Mountain Hut A Great Holiday Stay?
  • What Makes Oberholz Mountain Hut A Great Holiday Stay?

Holidays mean different things to different people. However, if you are a travel junkie who loves to travel across the world, holidays are best spent visiting new places and making new experiences. Well, if you love mountains and are looking for a place to spend your holidays, Oberholz Alpine hut is the perfect place to visit.

Oberholz alpine hut is located at the edge of the Italian Dolomites, at the altitude of 2,096 meters above the sea-level. The architecture seems as if it has just sprouted out of the mountainside spontaneously. The alpine hut features large panoramic windows, the perfect place to witness the magnificent world of Alps.

This architectural project is handled by Peter Pichler Architecture and architect Pavol Mikolajack for their client, Obereggen AG/Spa. Interestingly, this architectural marvel, which is situated just beside the Obereggen cable station, started construction in April 2016. It was completed in the same year in December.

If you have visited the Alps, you might have seen that there are a number of huts in the different pockets of Alps. If you want to see the mountains up close, Skyway Monte Bianco and Rifugio Torino (Italy) are good options. If you are willing to experience the heights of the mountain, you have Monte Rosa Hutte (Switzerland). Similarly, there is Chasserug (Switzerland) that offers both adventure and the beauty of the Alps. Then what makes Oberholz alpine hut different from the rest?


The Architecture


Well, for starters, Oberholz alpine hut offers the perfect blend of nature and architecture. Sprouted from the side of the mountains, this one of a kind architectural structure is described by many architects as a fallen tree with three main branches that come out from it. Those three “branches” make the main sections of the hut.

Interestingly, all three sections of the structure face three different mountain groups in the near distance.  Each of these sections offers a panoramic view of the magnificent Alps through vast, glass windows. The sloping roofs of each of these sections remind you of the gabled roofs of classic mountain huts.

Architects primarily used local wood for the hut, taking the inspiration from the traditional mountain chalets. However, the techniques and design are absolutely contemporary. The entire structure consists of wood portals, which remain visible in the interior. That highlights the complex, curvilinear spatial geometry.

The transitional areas seem to vary in size and spacing. Those areas are also lined with wooden paneling. As a matter of fact, the exterior façade consists of larch wood slates, while the supporting structure and interior paneling are made of spruce. The hut’s external façade is made of juxtaposed larch beams, which may remind you of the ancient local stables.


The Interior


The inside of the hut is as mesmerising as its exterior. Spruce wood wraps across the floor, the walls and the trice-vaulted ceiling of the mainly-open-plan space. Interestingly the furniture in the hut is also made from local wood, oak. The light gray upholstery is also kept with the colour theme. The décor may seem minimal, but it’s comfortable.

The sitting arrangements in Oberholz hut range from public banquets and armchairs to private tables and chairs. Even the bar area beside the restaurant space also manages to maintain the same natural, sculptural theme. Interestingly, the bar area also has oak wood high tables and chairs, and also a spruce wood vaulted ceiling.

There is a cement bar opposite a wall of sliding glass doors that lead to southwest facing terrace. That terrace is perhaps the best part of the hut because of its natural and dramatic surrounding. In fact, the outdoor seating is oriented to enjoy the marvelous views.


The View


As mentioned previously, the spectacular views and the breathtaking vistas of multiple alpine peaks make Oberholz hut a unique experience. The three large viewing windows and the terrace of this panorama Alpine hut are strategically placed in front of some of the most important and largest peaks and mountain groups of the central Alps.

Here is the list of the mountain groups and their highest peaks which you can see while staying at the Oberholz mountain hut.

Mountain Group Highest Peak Height
Lagorai Group Cima di Cece 2.754 m
Brenta Group Cima Tosa 3.173 m
Presanella Group Cima Presanella 3.556 m
Ortler Group Ortler 3.904 m
Ötz Valley Alps Wildspitze 3.768 m
Saldurkamm Schwemser Spitze 3.459 m
Texel Group Roteck 3.336 m
Stubaier Alps Zuckerhütl 3.507 m

While you can enjoy the amazing vista of these aforementioned mountain groups, there are other important summits a bit far away which you will be able to see from the platform. The following list consists of such summits and their distance from the hut, demonstrating the view from this panorama alpine hut.

Summit Distance from Oberholz hut Height
Weißhorn 8 km 2.316 m
Corno dei Tre Signori 79 km 3.360 m
Monte Vioz 70 km 3.645 m
Hasnöhrl 56 km 3.257 m
Weißkugel 78 km 3.740 m
Habicht 77 km 3.277 m


If you are looking forward to doing something more than just enjoying the spectacular view of the Alps, there is the Oberggen station, just beside the Oberholz hut. Obereggen is one of the most popular ski and hiking areas in the whole Dolomites. Just 20 minutes’ drive away from Bolzano city, Obereggen offers the perfect alpine experience to visitors not just in summer but during the season of winter as well.


The Menu


You are also delighted with amazing Oberholz cuisine during your stay at this wonderful alpine hut. Here, you can relish the taste of the true mountain specialties that are carefully prepared in the chalet’s kitchen using the local and natural ingredients. Since it is Italy, you can enjoy the authentic Italian food at the restaurant in Oberholz hut.

The menu at Oberholz hut includes sophisticated dishes. The staff put their heart and soul to prepare fresh, authentic and innovative specialties on a regular basis, just to ensure your stayis worth cherishing. The food is also served to you by the friendly service team led by Chef Franz.

The menu is varied and offers suitable food for everyone. There are plenty of gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan options available on the menu. In fact, they have a separate section in the menu for the children. The wine list also features a great assortment of vintages, and a variety of other beverages.

The website of Oberholz mountain hut has all the details you may need to know to book. They even organize events at the request of their customers. So if you are planning to visit the Alps this holiday season, perhaps paying a visit to this unique mountain hut will make your memory of the Alpine wonderland long-lasting.


Author bio: Shirley Brown is a travel blogger by profession and a ghost writer by choice. She has also joined hands with MyAssignmenthelp, where she helps students with Geography assignment help in between his trips to the different parts of the world.

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