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The human body is an amalgamation of different elements. These elements differ in their existence, importance in life, shapes, and definition, of course. You might be wondering what I’m referring to. Well, it is difficult to understand that the make-up of the human body is extremely complex, defined by a number of organs and their functions. Each function has a specific task to complete so that the body can run properly. Now, coming to today’s hectic lifestyle, the financial avarice has pushed people into the holocaust of depression. Most of them are facing a lot of challenges in their personal and professional life, thanks to the complications that dominate our life.

There is no doubt that the fitness of the body gets affected due to these prevailing problems. In spite of everything, one has to bear such issues, since time never takes a break. In order to bring harmony and balance to life, Yoga can help. In the 21st century, when Yoga has reached almost all corners of the world, the asanas practice is not enough to maintain complete fitness. A majority of the population thinks asanas as the representation of the ancient practice, however many a time, after returning home from a Yoga class, people feel irritated or anxious. This is a common phenomenon that is caused by excessive physical tasks. To counter this, one has to embrace Yoga’s peaceful and soothing delight, which of course lies in Meditation and mindful exercises.


The beauty of blending Yoga and Meditation


Yoga practice is beneficial for the body in a number of aspects. It strengthens the muscles, offers flexibility, and enhances oxygen intake, etc. There are a number of sportspersons, who endorse the practice of Yoga asanas for enhancing the flexibility of the body. The more you fall in love with the poses, the stronger your muscles and bones become. All these benefits do not come in equilibrium. Yoga masters in the ancient era used to enjoy the delight of Meditation for letting the fruits of Yoga practice heal the body in a better fashion. Although there are deeper meanings of Meditation including attaining liberation, it introduces one to complete harmony. The practice of Dhyana is all about sponsoring mindfulness, the theory of enlightenment- materialistic as well as spiritual.


Attaining overall health with Yoga and Meditation


The concept of complete health is not new. This has been in the limelight since eternity. A healthy mind can only exist in a healthy body- this is a very popular saying. Have you ever wondered what a healthy body does without an intelligent mind? Now enters the third aspect, the spiritual wisdom that manages the first two. All three aspects are extremely important for maintaining harmony in life. Yoga and Meditation have the ability to guide your life to consonance. It is recommended that one wake up early in the morning and begins the day with a session of Yoga. It gives you the most beautiful way of living. You feel energetic for the whole day after being blessed by a session of Yoga and Meditation. A number of individuals have shared their stories of practicing in between the work hour. Whenever you feel tired in the office, just do some simple Yoga poses to boost the flow of blood in the body. You can meditate by concentrating on the middle of the forehead to connect you with the present moment.


Yoga and Meditation promote a stress-free life


No one wants stress in life. In search of stress-free existence, the human generation is approaching disaster. We have made ourselves the most time-poor creature. Thanks to the competitive and workaholic environment, there is hardly any time to enjoy life. The beauty of Yoga and Meditation, when they are merged together, helps one relish each and every moment of life. There is no place for stress and anxiety in a mind that enjoys Yoga. While Yoga poses promote blood circulation in the brain, Meditation makes sure it stays calm and composed to feel complete serenity. Meditation takes one into a zone where there is no one but you and the soul. You have enough time to interact with the soul to know about what it wants. All those moments that are spent in pressure get vanished in no time with the pacifying power of the mindful exercise.


The combination of Yoga and Meditation is given tremendous importance in Yoga teacher training in India. Since India is the birthplace of the ancient science, you find the most authentic education here. Yoga teachers in the country emphasize more on complete development as a tool for attaining success in life, as well in Yoga training. If you are eager to explore the wonderful riches of Yoga and Meditation, join a 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. You will find nothing but plentiful invigoration. The program is also a great way to learn about the significance of Yoga and Meditation as a part of the spiritual practice.


About the author: Manmohan Singhis a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He organises 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Manmohan Singh conducts Yoga Teacher Training in India in different cities. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas


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