4 Sustainable Items You Never Realised Existed
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4 Sustainable Items You Never Realised Existed

Conservation and protecting the environment for future generations is dependent largely on two key factors. One – that we use and reuse the earth’s finite resources as many times as possible. And, two, that we prioritise items and services that are sustainably created. Or, that have been created from sources that are unlikely to deplete quickly or damage the earth during their production processes. If you sincerely believe in doing what you can to lower human impact on the environment, you’re likely taking steps like separating and recycling waste. Even so, statistics show that our efforts may not be making a significant dent just yet. 


Gorgeous Bead Bracelets


Did you know that just 9% of plastics created in the world to date have been recycled? It might also interest you to know that at least 50% of the plastic produced each year is used just once and immediately discarded. Or, that the world has already made a mind-boggling 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic. 

Various initiatives have been adopted by people from all over the world to clean up the oceans of the 8 million metric tons of plastic that enter them each year. One of these programs is Bead the Change. Each time you buy a beautiful ocean cleanup bracelet, you contribute to these efforts since the beads are created from recycled plastic. You can buy these accessories in five different colours, each signifying a special theme and the story behind its creation. And, that’s not all. The creation of these bracelets also provides a livelihood to the artisans of Ghana. Their other bracelets donate to other worthy environmental causes such as climate change.


Swimsuits with Sea Creature Prints


Batoko is a line of trendy swimwear created out of the weight equivalent to more than 220,000 recycled plastic bottles. You’ll love their colourful designs and prints that showcase sea creatures like orcas, dolphins, sharks, puffins, and various others. Batoko is available in a selection of sizes and is suitable for all ages. If you enjoy surfing, check out the Salt Gypsy collection while the Seapia range is ideal for people with more minimalistic tastes.


Outdoor Furniture, Decks, and Fitness Equipment


If you’ve been trying to do your bit for the environment, a great step in the right direction would be to choose everyday products that are made with recycled materials.

What if you could convert household waste and used plastics into furniture? The versatility of plastics actually makes that possible. You can now buy outdoor, lawn, and patio furniture along with decking construction supplies made with recycled materials. Should you check out the entire range of products, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see options like bollards, signages, fences, and fitness trails. Resistant to rot and termites and long-lasting without the need for polishing and painting are only some of the positives of using these items.


Sustainable Food – the Most Critical Resource We Need


Food is undoubtedly the most critical resource that living things need to survive. And, growing populations need food sources that won’t harm the environment, either during the production or processing. Vegetarian, vegan, and other plant-based diets go a long way toward conservation. Lowering dependence on animal products is not just great for your health and longevity, it’s beneficial for the earth. Close to 33% of the land is allocated toward growing animal feed while more than 25% is used for rearing livestock. By diverting this land use toward agriculture and growing food for consumption, we can instead reduce worldwide hunger. 

If you agree that plant-based food is more nutritious for humans, it will interest you to know that you can also opt for vegan dog food for your little four-legged friends. Research shows that the canine digestive system is capable of processing both plant and animal food, similar to humans. Dogs have adapted over centuries to live with humans and they thrive on easily-digestible proteins derived from yeast, chickpeas, soya, and other similar sources. You can buy brands that contain sustainable ingredients that require significantly less environmental harm than meat farming. 

Committing to preserving the earth is easier than you think. With a little research, you’ll find an interesting selection of products that have been produced using waste that would have ultimately ended up in landfills. By opting for products made with sustainable materials, you can do your bit toward lowering carbon emissions and lessening damage to the ecosystem. Let’s get started. 


Author: Russell Michelson


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