Six of the Best Awe-Inspiring Rainforest Hikes in Australia
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Six of the Best Awe-Inspiring Rainforest Hikes in Australia

There are hikes and then there are rainforest hikes. Rainforests are one of the most ancient ecological systems on our planet. Rainforests only make up less than 10% of our planet but are a sanctuary for more than half of the plants and animals that exist. For those living the busy city life, spending the weekend trekking through nature is manna from heaven. The hitch is to ensure that these trails are well-vetted and you are still safe while on your adventure. Hikes are not only a combination of adventure and nature but also a twofer for getting your steps in. After the hike, it is also ideal if food and lodging are readily available to not have the need to set up camp.


Grand Canyon Track


This track is for those near Blackheath, Sydney. This track is 6 kilometres long and takes two to four hours to finish. The track has been verified and in use for more than 100 years. The Grand Canyon Track meanders through crevices and paths between cascades, pulls you closer than ever to the wildest of plants, and traverses through rugged paths with carefully placed markers. The sights during this hike are breathtaking. The trail summits to Evans Lookout which is a great photo-op to mark this milestone hike. This is one of the most popular rainforest hikes in Australia.


Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour


This hike is located in Cape Tribulation, QLD in the Daintree Rainforest. The attraction is a 400 meters-long zipline that is 20 meters above the ground. Jungle Surfing is a prize-winning tour. There is also a Jungle Adventures Day & Night Walk. The night walk is only lit by blowtorch which gives you the most authentic yet safe experience. This is a part of the rainforest that is home to amphibians, chirping flies, and other nocturnal creatures.


Daintree Rainforest Aerial Walkway


The Daintree Rainforest Walks provided unparalleled access to the Daintree Rainforest. The splendid passageway in the middle of the awning and in the vicinity is Daintree treehouse accommodation. These environmentally-friendly accommodations are snuggled well into the heart of the rainforest, but the lodging includes all the amenities found in high-standard resorts. The Daintree Rainforest Skywalk is as high as eleven meters and is environmentally friendly permitting ventilation, natural light, and rainwater to touch the forest land.


Mamu Tropical Skywalk


Located in Innisfail, QLD, this is a must-visit tropic through-passage. It is located on the blessed lands of the Ma Mu tribe. You can take a hike in one of the oldest woods of the area and become one with Australian nature and wildlife. The attractions are the lofty pathways. You can survey the natural attraction from the litter fall to the awning.


Crystal Shower Falls


This walk is 3.5km long and can take approximately 2 hours. The Crystal Showers Falls Walk is a great trek through an enchanted forest. The best part is traversing behind the falls themselves. The fall has watered the terrains in a stunning forest with plenty of oxygen to inhale and reset yourself.


Gloucester Tops Circuit


The circuit is 8 kilometres long and would be an experience that would take four to five hours. For those who want to ease on the exercise and take in the surroundings. Through this hike, you will walk along with beautiful waterfall ponds and be surrounded by beautiful flowers. This circuit is located in the Barrington Tops National Park. This rainforest has existed since the beginning of time and is a safe haven for endangered species.


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