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Choosing a Green Hotel using

As environmental concerns continue to gain prominence, travellers are becoming more conscious of their ecological footprint. One significant way to contribute to sustainable tourism is by choosing eco-friendly accommodation options., one of the world’s leading online travel platforms, has recognised the importance of sustainability and has introduced a sustainability rating system for hotels. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to use’s sustainability rating system to choose a green hotel that aligns with your eco-conscious values.


Understanding’s Sustainability Rating System:’s sustainability rating system evaluates properties based on various environmental and social criteria. The system uses a scale of 1 to 10, with higher scores indicating a higher level of sustainability. The criteria include energy and water consumption, waste management, use of eco-friendly products, and the hotel’s commitment to social responsibility.


Steps to Choose a Green Hotel:


Start with the Search Filters:

Begin your search on with sustainability in mind. On the website, look for the option to filter results based on sustainability. You can find this filter in the left-hand sidebar under “Facility” or a similar category.



Review Sustainability Scores:

Once you’ve filtered your search, explore the list of hotels that meet your criteria. Pay attention to the sustainability scores provided by A higher score indicates a greater commitment to environmentally friendly practices.


Read Hotel Descriptions:


Click on the hotels that catch your eye and read their descriptions. Look for specific details about the hotel’s sustainability initiatives. Many eco-friendly hotels proudly showcase their efforts, such as energy-efficient practices, waste reduction programs, or certifications from recognised green organisations.


Check for Certifications:


Some hotels may hold certifications or memberships in sustainability programs. Common certifications include LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Green Key, or EarthCheck. These certifications validate a hotel’s commitment to sustainable practices.


Explore Guest Reviews:


Guest reviews can provide valuable insights into a hotel’s sustainability efforts. Travelers who prioritize eco-friendly accommodations often share their experiences in reviews. Look for mentions of the hotel’s environmental initiatives and how they impact the guest experience.



Consider Location and Transportation:


Sustainability extends beyond the hotel itself. Consider the hotel’s location and accessibility. A centrally located hotel with easy access to public transportation can contribute to a lower carbon footprint during your stay.


Compare Prices and Amenities:


While sustainability is a crucial factor, it’s essential to balance it with other considerations such as price and amenities. Compare the prices of sustainable options with other hotels in the area, and ensure that the eco-friendly features align with your preferences.


Choosing a sustainable hotel through’s sustainability rating system is a positive step towards responsible tourism. By considering factors such as sustainability scores, certifications, guest reviews, and the hotel’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, you can make informed decisions that align with your values. Traveling responsibly not only benefits the environment but also supports the growing movement towards a more sustainable and ethical tourism industry.


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