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Why Northern Vietnam should be on your travel radar

  • why-northern-vietnam-should-be-on-your-travel-radar
  • why-northern-vietnam-should-be-on-your-travel-radar
  • why-northern-vietnam-should-be-on-your-travel-radar

Embark on a journey through the picturesque landscapes, vibrant cultures, and rich history of Northern Vietnam. While Vietnam as a whole offers a myriad of experiences, there’s something truly captivating about the northern region. From Hanoi’s ancient streets to Sapa’s misty mountains, North Vietnam is an exciting adventure worthy of being on your travel radar!




Begin your journey in the bustling capital city of Hanoi, where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern-day life. Explore the Old Quarter’s narrow alleyways, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant street life, sample delicious street food and haggle in the bustling markets. 

If you are looking for an unforgettable way of experiencing all that Hanoi has to offer, a motorbike tour is a must do! Whilst you enjoy the urban adventure, experienced guides will introduce you to the city’s iconic attractions, hidden gems and delicious local food and drinks. If something laid back is more your style, then a private walking tour is the perfect way to discover this city’s history, culture and charm at a leisurely pace.


Ninh Binh


From Hanoi, venture two hours south to Ninh Binh, a picturesque region characterised by its limestone karsts, lush rice paddies, and winding rivers. Once Vietnam’s capital during the Dinh and early Le dynasties, the province is now famed for its natural beauty and countless tourist attractions, making it an essential destination when planning a trip to North Vietnam.  

In order to witness Ninh Binh’s most stunning landscapes travellers usually opt for a paddleboat tour in Trang An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or Tam Coc, often referred to as the ‘Ha Long Bay on Land’, as Ninh Binh’s must see scenery is only accessible by boat. However, there are many full day tours to Ninh Binh that offer pre-arranged transportation, activities and meals, saving you the hassle of organising the excursion yourself. Tours also visit popular attractions like Mua Caves (Hang Mua), Hoa Lu and Bich Dong Pagoda. 

As this spectacular province boasts a long list of sights to see and activities to do, it is truly worth spending a few nights in Ninh Binh to appreciate all that it has to offer.



Ha Long Bay


No trip to Northern Vietnam would be complete without a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay. The picturesque site is located east of Hanoi and is home to more than 1900 limestone mountains which span across the emerald waters. The incredible scenery certainly makes Ha Long Bay a ‘bucket list’ destination – a great reason why you should be putting Northern Vietnam should be on your travel radar!

The ultimate Ha Long Bay experience is on a cruise as they offer exciting activities in addition to sailing across the bay. Activities typically include kayaking and swimming in the turquoise waters, exploring hidden caves, visiting pearl farms and vibrant floating villages, cycling at some of the islands’ bike trails and even conducting on-board Vietnamese cooking classes.

Selecting the perfect Ha Long Bay cruise can be overwhelming as there are countless different cruise companies each offering their own itineraries. Though, one of the biggest variables is choosing the length of your stay on-board, with durations ranging from a day cruise to a two day stay, 0r even a three day trip! However long you plan to stay, one of the undeniable highlights is watching the sunset over beautiful Ha Long Bay, and waking up to breathtaking views if you choose to stay overnight!




For those seeking the perfect blend of adventure and cultural immersion, then you must venture out to the  mountainous town of Sapa. North-west of Hanoi and home to a diverse array of ethnic minority communities, Sapa offers travellers the opportunity to trek through lush rice terraces, visit traditional villages, and interact with local tribes such as the Hmong, Dao and Tay people. 

Home to some of Vietnam’s most popular trekking destinations, it’s no surprise that completing a trek along one of Sapa’s many trails is a highly-rated experience amongst travellers. If you find the idea of a trek daunting, then a guided hike is the perfect alternative! There are many companies offering guided adventures, but a stand-out are the two day tours that not only trek through villages and rice paddies, but provide travellers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture through cooking classes and an overnight homestay with a local family.

Other popular activities include catching a ride to Fansipan Mountain via cable car, venturing out to experience the stunning Love Waterfall and Silver Waterfall and taking a day trip to Cat Cat Village. 


So, will Northern Vietnam be on your travel radar?


Travelling through Northern Vietnam is a journey of discovery, where every corner reveals a new surprise and every experience leaves a lasting impression. From Hanoi’s vibrant streets to the serene beauty of Ha Long Bay and Ninh Binh as well as Sapa’s cultural treasures, this region captivates travellers with its enchanting charms and rich tapestry of unique experiences. Whether you’re a nature lover, adventure seeker, or culture enthusiast, Northern Vietnam promises an unforgettable adventure that will leave you longing to return again and again.


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