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Easy Ways to be More Green and Raise Awareness

Most people who are aware of environmental issues and who do in fact want to help Mother Nature regain her strength usually share one common problem – they don’t know how to go about it and often have this misconception that a green lifestyle is highly expensive and full of sacrifice. While it is an adjustment, it’s not one that will have a negative effect on you, your family and your lifestyle. What’s more, once you go green you’ll wonder how you ever lived before doing so. As for the expenses, when it comes to certain steps a few investments will have to be made, but in reality they’re nothing in comparison to how much you’ll save in the long run, not to mention the amount of good you’ll do. Our planet has been so kind to us, let’s start returning the favour today. 


Save the Trees


The first and might we say completely inexpensive way to start your green journey is to start cutting back on paper. Cancel your newspapers subscription and turn to the online version, which is actually what most people do these days anyway. Purchase electronic tickets for your flights, the movies, theater. You can even pay bills online and file your taxes too. When you do have to print things, for work perhaps, set the printer so it prints on both sides of the page. Now, the one thing we need to bring back not only for ecological reasons but simply because it’s super-classy are paper napkins. They make the dinner table look way more elegant and you don’t waste paper napkins. As for magazines, when you do buy them, make sure to pass them on – give them to a friend, donate them, just extend their lifespan s they don’t end up on landfills. See, no expense what-so-ever.


Purchase Second Hand Clothes 


With the appearance of fast-fashion retailers, many of us have fallen prey to the temptation of always having new, on trend pieces that come at a relatively low price. However, the reason why these items never seem to survive for more than a season is due to all the chemical processing the fabric goes through. Your best chance for saving both your wallet as well as a new load of clothes to trash every season is to focus on quality, not quantity. Buy items made from natural and organic fabrics, and shop at second-hand stores, especially for your children. The reason why buying second hand clothing for kids is such a genius idea is the fact that kids grow out of clothes very quickly and you have to replace them before you know it. This way you won’t break the bank, and since older clothes are always of a higher quality than most new ones, you’ll be able to organise a clothes swap with your friends or donate the clothes to charity, so that they again don’t end up in the trash.


Make Conscientious Shopping Decisions


In order to raise awareness and make an impact on a larger group of people, lead by example. Commit to buying organic produce, cut down on meat – if you’re a meat-eater make it a starter goal to switch at least one meal a week without meat. Buy locally grown and organic meat, cheese – you’ll be helping the local economy as well. Don’t buy bottled water; instead, use a filer to purify tap. You’ll save the world from a huge number of plastic bottles. Before purchasing cleaning, bath, skincare and makeup products, do a little research. Visit PETA’s page and download the list of approved – cruelty free and vegan brands. This list covers all of these companies. Make sure you’re vocal about your support of these brands and local farms – spread the word.


Recycling 101


You can recycle more than just paper and plastic, and here’s how to go about it – for paper, clips and staples are fine, they’ll be filtered out. However, food-stained paper is a no-go as it can contaminate the entire load. When you recycle bottles make sure to remove the caps as they’re made from a different kind of plastic. When recycling metal, everything from washed pie tins and foil, metal bottle caps, wire coat hangers to scrap metal is welcome.

See, not that difficult after all. Once you’ve mastered the basic steps you can go into the big league and learn how to save on electricity and water as well.



mia taylor

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for www.highstylife.com. She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.
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