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10 things to throw in your suitcase for eco-friendly travel

We can do more for the environment than just choose a paper bag over the plastic one. Become an eco-friendly traveller by riding a bike, by taking a train or simply by walking. Make it all about the journey, not about the destination. While doing so, think green. While you are admiring the beauty of landscapes or coral reefs, remember what you have thrown in your suitcase and ask yourself if this product is harmful to the environment. If your answer is yes, then check this list of ten things you really ought to pack in your green suitcase.


Portable water purifier


People can go weeks without food, but only seven days without water. In case you get thirsty, this handy little purifier enables you to drink water from a well, river or any other water source, no matter how polluted it is. These purifiers eliminate bacteria and parasites and enable you to have a clean source of drinking water. While you draw the water through the straw of the purifier, all the polluted ingredients stay inside the fibres that cleanse the water, leaving you to drink only the purest water. So, pack it and cheers!


Food containers, utensils, and a bottle


Dining out when you are traveling can be costly. Save some money by using food containers made from stainless steel e.g. a tiffin box. It can keep your lunch hot up to a couple of hours. Heat the containers by pouring hot water, and then replace the water with your lunch, and you’ll be ready for a feast. Consider using the utensils made from bamboo because it is more eco-friendly than using plastic utensils. In addition to this, the bamboo is a very light material, which is convenient for packing. A reusable bottle for drinking is a good idea, too.


Eco bags


Don’t opt for a plastic bag. Opt for durable fabrics that keep the environment clean. Eco bags made from natural fibres like canvas are cheaper than buying a new plastic bag every time. Moreover, give a thought to using reusable packing cubes because they are durable and waterproof. Thus, your suitcase’s content won’t get wet in case of a spill. Along with this, think about purchasing a backpack or a laptop bag made from recycled plastic bottles. With these eco-friendly products, you can reduce pollution and save the environment.


A wash bag or a sink plug


Are you thinking about doing laundry on the road? It can be a piece of cake if you have the right gear. All you need is a wash bag and some castile soap. For example, nowadays, Scrubba bags are a very popular way of washing clothes on the road. Put the dirty laundry in the bag and add some soap. Mix it up. There you have it, clean laundry! It’s also convenient for travelling light. However, if you have a sink nearby, you can wash the laundry in the sink by putting a universal plug that fits all sinks.




Going green often means saying no to all the chemically treated products that can be harmful to our body. Good thing is that you can make some of the products yourself e.g. toothpaste. By mixing baking soda, charcoal, peppermint and coconut oil, you will get your chemical-free toothpaste.

However, making your own cosmetics can be a tedious task. If you are not too keen on this idea, consider browsing for organic skincare products online, as to get high-quality products and save you some precious time. In the end, what’s good for your skin is good for the environment.


Eco gadgets and accessories


Wherever you are planning to go, throw a solar battery charger in your suitcase. This solar-powered gadget will definitely come in handy if the battery on your phone runs out and there are no outlets in sight. However, the energy generated by the Sun is at your disposal. Nowadays there are many gadgets that run on solar energy, such as speakers, so it’s high time you gave it a try. Some eco-friendly accessories made of wood, like a wooden watch or even glasses with wooden frames, are great examples of going green and being stylish at the same time.


Make a positive impact


Your travel, as well as the content of your suitcase, does impact the environment. In the end, it all depends on you and what kind of impact you want to make. The eco-friendly products such as water purifiers, tiffin boxes, chemical-free skincare products and others are not only made in order to preserve the environment, but they are intended for your convenience, too. Therefore, take advantage of these handy tips as to prevent the paradise getaways, which you are so eager to visit, from vanishing someday.


Author: Cate Palmer

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