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Narrowing Down Heating Bills – Energy Monitoring

Energy is such a big part of our daily lives that we don’t stop to think about the source of it or the impact it has on the environment. During winter times in certain areas, heating is the big culprit that pulls a lot of electricity. If one would compare heating and cooling costs in home and building in many areas, in most cases the heating bill will be much more, sometimes more than double. It is crucial for the sake of our wallets and the environment that we find ways to use energy more efficiently especially when that cold weather hits.


Improve the use of personal heaters


It can be inefficient and costly to run a small heater to heat a large area. Improve the efficiency by not leaving them on unnecessarily, adjust the thermostat temperature and timing accordingly and position it in such a way that it can heat up several people simultaneously. Also, avoid placing them near heat absorbing materials like couches and curtains.


Don’t overheat


Optimum temperature and time settings will avoid overheating. Up to 20 degrees C is a proper temperature control measurement. Make sure that you are not simultaneously heating and cooling. To prevent this, make sure you have a sufficient gap of 4 degrees C between the heating and cooling settings. Set up timer controls for the times in the day when you usually leave the house in order to help reduce heating bills. Simple things you can do to stay warm and turn down that furnace can go a long way. You can dress warmer, cover up under blankets and make use of other heat sources like hot water bottles. When cooking, baking or taking a shower, make use of that warm air to heat the home by keeping windows closed, and this will allow you to turn down the homes central heating system for a while.


Keep up with the maintenance


Boilers should be properly maintained and serviced at least once a year and you might want to consider replacing boilers that are older than 12 years with condensing boilers. Make sure to bleed conventional heaters at least once a year to let out excess air that might be stopping them from warming up. If you have a thermostatic radiator, you can keep the temperature at a comfortable level by fitting them with valves. In convector radiators, dust can cause them to work twice as hard. Therefore, it is important to clean their internal filters and outside grills on a monthly basis to ensure proper air flow. Furthermore, you can install insulation around pipes and connectors to provide more efficiency.


No need for surplus heating


The cause of surplus heating is doors and windows that are not draught proof, which means that heat is getting lost. You should seal all gaps around the doors and windows and make sure the doors of unused rooms are kept closed while heating occupied areas in the home.


Investing in a sustainable heating system


Despite your efforts on decreasing your homes heating usage, most traditional heating methods are still not good for the environment. If you want to go completely green and diminish your monthly heating expenses entirely as well as benefit the earth, you can invest in some environmental friendly solutions. These options include geothermal heating systems, pellet stoves, solar heating and masonry heaters. Green heating options like these do cost more upfront but they are investments that pays of in the long run as you will save a lot of money on heating over time.


Modern technology is making it easier for the average homeowner to keep their homes energy efficient. Winter times should be the time to enjoy quality time with your friends and families indoors without worrying about a big heating bill at the end of the month. Taking simple precautions or investing in some eco-friendly options can help you provide the comfortable atmosphere which you desire.


Author’s bio:

Matt J is writer for local AC contractor, specialising in home construction, smart technology, energy efficiency and architecture.

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